Class 12th Foundation Batch

Classroom Course

It is meant to cover complete Class 12th syllabus for Board Exam along with the competitive examinations like JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, NEET, etc.





Teaching Model

We have a very interactive teaching model, where class-room teaching is integrated with lot of aids like presentations, work-books, interactive quiz, tests as to cater strong foundation and conceptual clarity in the subject.

Each topic is integrated with work book and assignment books covering variety of numerical and reasoning problems. The assignments are covered in two books:

Book 1: School Pattern

It covers all kinds of questions and problems as needed in School Level Exams.

Book 2: Competitive Level (JEE Mains/Advanced and NEET)

These booklets contain questions as appear in these competitive exams. There are separate books for JEE and NEET.



We have a variety of tests both online and offline, ranging from board pattern to JEE Mains/Advanced and NEET pattern.




Virtual Online Classes: Tue, Thu, Sat : 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm*

* The lectures will remain active on the virtual portal for some hour.

In the lock down period, we shall provide all teaching mode virtually, i.e. online, there shall be:

  1. Online classes both live and recorded which the student can watch multiple times in given duration.

  2. Online discussion platform.

  3. Live session for doubt clearing.

  4. PDF Assignments, Work Books.

  5. Online tests, quiz and interactive sessions


Already the registered students have been adapt with our Virtual Class and seen our effective method of classes, problem solving, work book, assignment submission, online tests, etc.



If my Net Connection fluctuates during the live session then how I will understand the lecture?

Well, after the live session, the same class will be recorded and available in the portal of the student for one day, so the student can watch the video as many times as he want even after the live mode.


Will the videos/classes available on You Tube?

No, some selected applications and problems will keep on broadcast on You Tube but the detailed concept lectures, sequential assignments, work-books, etc shall be available only in our virtual platform.


Till when the recorded lectures be available on Virtual Platform?

All video lectures will be available on the Virtual Platform for sufficiently long time as to give students multiple access to the same lecture. The student can understand the concept, topics by accessing the lecture at his pace.


How to solve the doubt/query of student?

We have a discussion forum in our platform where the students and teacher can discuss in real time mode. Moreover the student can message the teacher on his WhatsApp number or call him. Also there will be live sessions for extra problems and doubt solving.


How Parents can access the performance of students?

The parent will also be provided with the App Installation, where they can see the activities and performance of students, like attendance, test scores, assignment submission, etc.



Once the lock down is lifted up, the teaching will be resumed in Physical Classes at the institute, though supplement online support of tests and classes shall available throughout the year even after the lock down.

Batch 1

Physics : Tue, Thu, Sat

2 pm to 4 pm


Chemistry: Mon, Wed, Fri

4 pm to 6 pm


Maths: Tue, Thu, Sat

4 pm to 6 pm


Batch 2

Physics: Tue, Thu, Sat

4 pm to 6 pm                         



  1. After the lock down is lifted up, and if any norms are released by the Government regarding social distancing then the batch strength of each batch may be revised.

  2. The priority of student in Admission  List is determined by the admission number which is allotted after depositing the fees.

  3. The physical batch will be allotted on basis of choice of preferred batch by student, seats available in that particular batch and student's order in the admission list.




  1. The fee for the 12th Physics Foundation Batch is Rs. 25,000/-

  2. Considering the effect of COVID-19, we have relaxed the provisions of deposition of fee, the fee can be deposit in one go or in installments.

  3. For depositing the fee in installment please contact 9984521555 or 984556600.

  4. Before depositing the fee, please have your registration number. In case you don't have the registration number, contact us.

  5. The students who have already deposited the fee are allotted the admission number.


The payment is made through a secure payment gateway "Razorpay" which is integrated with our website.  Razorpay is PCI DSS Compliant and Certified, which means that any data which the end user enters into their platform is secured and safe.

For Payment Portal :





1. The admission date is considered as the date of registration, as mentioned in the admission/deposit slip sent to student on their e-mail and through SMS to parent.

2. If for any reason the student withdraws from the course then he/she need to submit an application for the same. The submission need to be made on prescribed format, which can be obtained from the office.


3. On submission of the withdrawal form, the student will no longer be eligible to attend any class of any batch. The parent/ guardian shall get an acknowledgement for submission of withdrawal form. This date is entitled as withdrawal date. The tenure of class range from the admission date to the withdrawal date. It is in no way related as how many classes the student attend in this tenure.


4. The Total Tuition Fee constitutes 75% of the gross fee, like If the prescribed fee is Rs. 25,000/-, then the tuition fee is Rs.  18750. The reaming fee is entitled for assignments, Portal services, SMS, tests evaluation, etc.



5. The amount entitled for refund   will be evaluated only on the Net Tuition Fee of the Course and not on how much installment has been deposited by the student.


6. Tenure and Percentage Refund


Tenure (in days):

Percentage Refund of Total Tuition fee

0 to 15 days

80% of Total Tuition Fee

Beyond 15 days: Nil 

From: May 5th 2020 (Tuesday)

A new student can register and attend one week adaptation classes before depositing fees