Acknowledgement by student

As we are committed to provide the students the best of contents in best quality and for this co-operation of student is also needed.

There are some contents which are broadcast on Public Section of Social Media and Channels like You Tube, Vimeo, etc. These contents are intended to be used by anyone freely.

However, most of the regular course contents of batch, on institute's app, website and You Tube are not listed in Public Domain and are intended for the use of only admitted students of the institute.

It is acknowledged by the student that all lecture links/assignments/OTPs and other such material and resources which are sent to student through SMS, portal , other communications are for his/her personal (individual) use as an enrolled and admitted student of the institute.


The student is responsible for keeping such information secure to himself/herself. If at the technical end it is found that the student has violated the security of such information and shared it to others then it may lead to permanent termination of student from the course and the student himself/herself will be responsible for any loss due to such termination.

Acknowledgement by the student:-